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Primera bofetada de Auguste, de Akiko Yosano

My lovely two-year-old Auguste,

My lovely two-year-old Auguste, I write this down for you: Today, for the first time, you struck your mother on the cheek. It was the power of your life that wanted to win the genuine power for conquest took on the form of anger and a spastic fit and flashed like lightning. You must have been conscious of nothing, must… Leer más »

Dolores de parto, poema de Akiko Yosano

LABOR PAINS I am sick today, sick in my body, eyes wide open, silent, I lie on the bed of childbirth. Why do I, so used to the nearness of death, to pain and blood and screaming, now uncontrollably tremble with dread? A nice young doctor tried to comfort me, and talked about the joy of giving birth. Since I… Leer más »

Carta al padre, traducción de «Carta ao pai» de João Tordo

CARTA AL PADRE de João Tordo 19/02/2014 – 11:21 El escritor João Tordo publicó en su blog una “carta al padre”, el músico Fernando Tordo, que, a sus 65 años, emigró para Brasil. Se trata de un testimonio conmovedor que aquí reproducimos íntegro. Ayer, mi padre se marchó, finalmente. Hacía poco que regresó y ya se fue, emigró a Recife… Leer más »